It’s hard to believe that it has been a year since Heidi came into our lives. Through her consistent and positive training she has helped us turn our sassy pug Navi into a dog that I can truly say I’m proud to call mine. We have attended both training and socialization classes and both have been instrumental in helping Navi become the confident girl she is. Heidi not only taught us basic training, but she taught me how to better understand Navi’s body language which has helped us develop a strong, trusting bond. I can now tell when she is overwhelmed when she gets playing too hard, when she just doesn’t want that stranger petting her today, or when she just needs to sit down and watch the exciting dog walking by. Lastly when classes end the support doesn’t, Heidi has continued to be a wonderful resource whenever a new challenge comes up. I can’t recommend her enough. She truly cares about each dog that comes through her door and wants everyone to succeed.
— Jen and Navi
Just finished basic puppy manners and going into intermediate training. Heidi is a wealth of knowledge and happily helps with any questions or problems you may have. She is quick to share any training material with you should you have any training issues. She is very kind and consistent with her training and really knows her stuff! Our 6 month old Luna loves training classes and puppy socialization groups on Saturdays. Five stars!!!
— Sandy and Family
Our family (parents plus our preteen) have attended two sessions with Heidi and our rescue dog, Willow. Heidi’s instruction has been so helpful, professional, compassionate, and just what we’ve needed to help our reactive rescue more confident in our family, act more appropriately around other dogs, and guide us in what we need to do to give our pup structure and guidance. I am particularly appreciative that Heidi involved our whole family and helped our preteen to gain confidence guiding a dog who is equal to her in size! I would recommend Heidi to anyone looking for a passionate, experienced, and skilled trainer for the humans and four-legged members of their family!
— The Evans Family
Our 15-week-old puppy Gibson just recently completed the 4-week imprinting and we are very happy! Anyone who has previously owned a puppy knows the late-night potty breaks, and their desire to nibble on anything gets tiring! We got Gibson back after 4 weeks and he is doing so well. Sleeps through the night, and even rings the bell to go outside. Leave it and drop it have become the most popular words within our house, but he actually follows the command. Heidi did a great job not only training Gibson, but coaching us to ensure both us and our puppy are doing it right. Heidi is always there to answer any questions and she also posts updates to keep you informed throughout the process. Overall, we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Heidi’s services whether it be imprinting, social classes or training. Excited to see the progress we can make in Level 2 classes.
— Alexa and Dylan
Heidi is an amazing dog trainer, she knows her stuff! She was patient and took the time to answer all of our questions and concerns. Her advice is invaluable and we noticed improvements with our puppies right away. She really eased our concerns and we’re looking forward to a long, happy life with Kane and Kona! Thanks again Heidi and I look forward to working with you again as our puppies progress.😀
— Sabrina and Jon