Puppy Imprinting


What is it?

8 week old puppies are cute however what about at 1 am and 3 am and 5 am. Our Imprinting program allows you to sleep while we train your pup 24/7 for 4, 8 or 12 weeks. Your puppy is trained in a family environment with lots of play time, training and outdoor adventures. We take care of the socialization, and the must do puppy training items, crate training, recall, leash walking and house breaking during those first few weeks. Depending on length of stay, your pup will go through Full Pawtential's basic ( Monday evenings) , or Intermediate (Tuesday evenings) courses which you can attend and learn with your pup if you are in the area. We also socialize you pup with numerous dogs, places, and things in and out of class. Socialization Classes run on Saturdays and you are also invited to come watch your dog play and learn appropriate play and dog body language during play. Check out program descriptions below.

What are the benefits?

You receive a well mannered, well socialized puppy who knows the basics, helps to prevent problem behaviours and makes it easier for you and your family to continue the training at home. You will also receive a personalized training video and training manual at the completion of the program to show you how we trained your puppy the basics in the first place. All my clients receive unlimited phone and e-mail support for the life of their puppy. We use only positive methods to train your puppy so they go home a happy puppy that trusts. We don’t punish we teach!


Our 4 week Program

Crate training, house breaking, Sit, Down and Stand, Stay, Leave it, Intro to Loose leash walking, bite inhibition, emergency recall and socialization. Your puppy is in a family setting with my 3 family dogs and a maximum of 2 other training puppies to ensure lots of one on one attention. Your pup gets to play, explore and learn in real life situations instead of long hours in the crate. We have daily training sessions that include games and outings to various city locations to safely expose them to as much of the world as possible developing confident and resilient puppies.


Our 8 Week Program

Once your puppy completes the basic training your puppy will go on to learn to show patience and calmness in more distracting areas throughout the city. Your puppy will participate in our socialization classes and Intermediate training course. They will learn the following skills. Heel, Focus in heel position allowing for more advanced turns during loose leash walking, stays from varying distances and longer periods of time, go to your mat/bed, intro to off leash recall and so much more. Depending on the season your puppy will be exposed to water play in local streams and river locations. We do have hikes in various forests in our area, as well as walks in busy downtown city centres year round.


Our 12 week Program

This program can vary depending on the puppy and their progress through the first 2 months. The third month allows us to fine tune any skills that need it and also address any behaviours that need a little more attention. We also add some advance skills like off leash heel, and out of sight stays to their list of cues, while still focusing on socialization.

Here is a training video demonstrating what your puppy learns in our 4 week program.

Here are a few of our Imprint puppie Graduates