Behaviour Therapy


We cover a comprehensive list of the most common and important behavior situations relating to dogs.  As an owner, a dog's behavior plays a key role in making a great home even better.  If your dog's behavior could use some improvement we can help.  From Anxiety, fear, chewing, barking, chasing and more we can help you and your dog reach the desired behaviour and relationship. 



Aggression and Reactivity


If you have a dog that shows signs of aggression or barks and lunges on leash know you are not alone and that we can help.  There are many types of aggression however 3 main categories are often what owners struggle with, Dog/Dog, Dog/Human, and Food/Toy Guarding

Almost all dogs who show signs of aggression are fearful and this is something that many people don't realize.  Many people either don't know what to do and hide their dog at home where they do not have to face embarrassing displays of their dogs behaviour or many people use or learn the dominant or alpha theory in an attempt to show their dog who's boss instead of trying to work with their dog and get to the root cause of their fear.   What owners don't understand is that the Alfa or Dominance method can cause the problem to become worse rather than better.  Isolation causes frustration and furthers your dogs inability to deal with the world outside and Dominance invokes more fear rather than respect from your dog.