Loose Leash with 3 month old Coco

Loose Leash with 3 month old Coco


About Heidi

I have been an animal lover for as long as I can remember.   We always had cats in our home and I grew up with a family dog that was my best friend.  I began bringing rescue dogs and cats into my own home 10 years ago and have spent many hours researching therapy strategies to help them mend and trust again.  After 13 years in a high paying corporate job, I began to realize how unhappy and stressed I was.  All I wanted to do was be home with my dogs and to help other dogs and their owners.  So, I started to research how I could become certified to help owners and their dogs have better relationships and rescues find permanent homes since mine always brought me so much joy.  It was shortly after finding Canine Correspondence Studies in 2016 with Norma Jean Laurette that I was able to pursue my dream and do what I love every day.  




Our dog training philosophy is based on setting your dog up for success while using proven, gentle, reward-based training!

We’ll teach you how to train your dog using proven positive methods that are fun, easy and get results.  Our mission is to help you build trust and make everyday life more enjoyable. We train with positive reinforcement and a word that captures the behaviour you want to reward (same concept as clicker training).  Once your dog understands that the behavior he’s offering (like sit) earns a reward he’ll be more likely to repeat that behaviour. This method is fun, builds confidence, produces an eager learner and opens up communication that produces remarkable results.


Just like people, each dog has her own personality and method of learning. We listen to your concerns and goals, coach you through the training process and help you find real life solutions that both of you can live with. We’ll help you discover what does or doesn’t motivate your dog and how to transition away from treats to life rewards. We’re committed to training without the use of fear, pain, intimidation and force.


We will respond to your questions with easy to understand answers and safe, practical solutions whether it’s about dog training, behaviour, equipment or general care.  We’re here to encourage you every step of the way! Even after the training is over we offer lifetime “technical support” over the phone or via email.